Nalanta Bitless Bridle

The Nalanta bitless bridle is designed together with a VET and a equine chiropractor to make this anatomical design to make it as comfortable as possible for your horse. It’s designed by Jesse Drent and often seen on his horses during shows. In the Nalanta webshop you will only find products we believe in.

What are the distinguishing features of bitless bridles?

The difference between the Nalanta bitless bridle and a normal bridle is of course the fact that the bit is replaced by a ring on both sides of the horse’s head. Instead of connecting the horse’s mouth to the reins to influence it through the bit, the reins are connected to the side rings. In this way you work through the nose and neck.

Anatomical design

The Nalanta bitless bridle is particularly gentle. The noseband has a special gel padding and is quite wide. This provides extra comfort, if you have been using the bridle for a while you will notice that the noseband will shape to your horses nose. The bridle comes in different sizes and is easy to adjust.

How bitless riding works

Our system comes with a ring on both sides where you can change the setting from the bridle which gives you different options for different horses to use. This system also works with a direct release. Which means that when you release the pressure on the reins, your horse will feel this straight away. This results in a very clear and fair communication between horse and rider.