Our Nalanta bitless bridle is the result of extensive research and development conducted in collaboration with a veterinarian and equine chiropractor. This unique and modern bridle prioritizes anatomical design to ensure the comfort for your horse during every ride. Wether you’re training a top dressage horse or riding on recreational level, the Nalanta bridle fits every need and more.

Do you want to get started with the Nalanta Equipment collection yourself, but don’t know where to start? Jesse has written a collection of books to help you get started. Bitless riding and click training can be done with any horse or pony and don’t forget that Jesse was once a beginner too! With the clear manuals we give you tools to get started.

About Nalanta

Experience the modern and extensive range of high-quality equestrian equipment, developed by Jesse Drent. Our collection encompasses a wide array of products, from contemporary bitless bridles to innovative neckropes. Discover our unique designs and enduring quality that stands the test of time.Influencer, instructor and, above all, rider Jesse Drent is the founder of Nalanta. While training various horses he tried different equipment, but these were often not suitable for every horse. That’s why he decided to develop the perfect bridle himself.
Jesse Drent, the visionary behind Nalanta, shares his enthusiasm: “I am thrilled and deeply appreciative to be able to create my own products, always with the horse’s best interest at heart. The success of the brand thus far has left me feeling incredibly fortunate and overjoyed. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”Discover the world of Nalanta, where equestrian excellence meets unparalleled devotion to our equine friends.