Nalanta Equestrian Equipment

Enjoy our collection of high-quality Equestrian equipment, developed by Jesse Drent. It includes an array of products from bitless bridles, neckropes, and more. A unique design and quality that lasts.

Nalanta Bitless Bridle

Our bitless bridle is designed and tested together with a VET and an equine chiropractor to make this anatomical design as comfortable as possible. It’s designed with a special system of two rings, on both sides and it’s adjustable to fit every horse. The system works with a direct release as well. This means when you release the pressure of the reins, your horse will notice right away. Riding with the Nalanta bitless bridle is friendly and shows clear and fair communication between horse and rider.


Influencer, instructor and above all rider Jesse Drent is the face behind Nalanta. At a young age, Jesse has been working on innovative techniques to train horses in a friendly way and takes other riders on this journey of discovery through social media, where he has collected a large number of followers over the years. Together with his horses, Jesse travels the world to perform for lots of horselovers. Of course, Jesse’s horses are first to test the new Nalanta products, we stand behind our product for 100%.

Teach yourself

Do you want to get started with the new collection yourself, but don’t know where to start? Jesse has written a collection of books to help you get started. Freedom dressage can be done with any horse or pony and don’t forget that Jesse was once a beginner too! With the clear manuals we give you tools to get started with freedom dressage and bitless riding.

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